C.C.Tennissen / C.C.Tennissen

Singer / Songwriter / Composer / Lyricist / Author

Four times nominated at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, tennessee as World music artist in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and additionally as Songwriter Achievement (Personal Composition - 2020) - Seven Times nominated in 2020 at the Red Carpet Music Awards in Holland in 2020 and for the Sheridan Music Award in Australia in 2020. In the year 2021 she is nominated for fourteen Awards at the red Carpet Music Awards in Holland. Currently, She also won the Akademia music Award in los Angeles for best country song with "Hey Gebrochenes Herz (Dear Broken Heart) for July 2021 and, furthermore, is nominated as World Music Artist 2021 at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

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CC Tennissen

is not only known for her 4,5 Octaves Vocal Range, but also by the way she brings the music to the heart of her fans in her own charming and stubborn way. 

She manages to almost always combine several styles of music into one, while still "Keeping It Country" most of the time. 

Her Stage presence worldwide of over 30 years has brought a lot of great music to the hearts and souls of many around this globe. 

Having received several awards for her music, she still remains humble until now and is just looking forward to brightening the day of as many people as possible.

Sharing her gift of Music makes us look forward to many more years to come of enjoying this great artist.

"Back To The Roots", which is in the works now, is an album, where CCTennissen bares her heart and soul and it already promises goosebumps and feelings pure. "The Trail" and "Back To The Roots" are as special and out of the ordinary as CC herself and will hopefully find its way into the hearts of many.

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CC tennis

is not only known for her 4.5 octave voice, but also for the way she brings her music to her fans. 

She almost always combines different styles of music into one and yet it still remains "Country".

Her worldwide stage presence has existed for over 30 years and she has brought a lot of good music directly into the hearts and souls of her fans during this time.

Despite her awards, she has always remained humble and enjoys making people's day better with her music.                            

We are definitely looking forward to more music from her and can already say that her album "Back To The Roots", which is currently in the works, will be just as unique as CCTennissen herself because there she shows her soul, and we hope that this album will find its way into the hearts of their fans.


 written by Wolfgang Ulm - Producer 5apes Records & TV



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